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Deceased Estate

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DNA Bioservices is proudly the Australian Corporate Partners of the laboratory DNA Diagnostic Centre.

They are the highest accredited laboratory globally, and they have had a faultless record for over 20 years.

DDC is NATA, ISO/IEC 17025, and AABB accredited. DDC follows strict testing standards, including standardised procedures and quality control throughout the testing process.

NATA accredits the laboratory to perform parentage and kinship testing.

DDC accreditation certificate and scope can be viewed on the NATA website, nata.com.au.

Relationship cases, such as half sibships and avuncular tests, have been performed in many laboratories for years. These tests are recognised by both NATA and AABB (the US and international accrediting body), described in the guidance document for AABB.

Cases that involve in-direct relationship testing, including avuncular, single grand-parentage and half-siblingship tests, will only provide a statistical likelihood that gives evidence to support the tested relationship. These are second-degree relationships, and a test of this nature will not directly exclude the relationship. The test merely gives the odds of the relationship based on the purported relationship and the systems tested.

However, if a sufficient number of second-degree relatives are tested (3 or more), the Alleged Father’s profile can be reconstructed. The test can be just as informative as a direct paternity test. This test is called a Family Reconstruction case.

If requested, we can offer our customers a NATA accredited kinship test.

No other laboratory in Australia currently offers this service. This may be due to the intense process of creating the detailed affidavit that accompanies the report.

Please contact us if you wish to receive a NATA accredited kinship report as this will require the Laboratory Director approval. Kinship does not fall under the Australian Family Law Act, and the courts may not accept it. However, any supportive information such as YSTR may improve the chances of a case being accepted.

DDC and DNA Bioservices provided their services for the published Kohari v NSW Trustee & Guardian legal case. Many law firms in Australia have engaged our services for deceased estate matters and immigration purposes.

We can offer the following kinship tests:

  • Single/Dual Grand Parentage Testing
  • Avuncular Test (Uncle/Aunty Niece/Nephew)
  • Half/Full Siblingship
  • Genetic Reconstruction
  • Y-STR Chromosome Test (Paternal Lineage)
  • Mitochondrial Test (Maternal Lineage)

For further information on each test type, please refer to our PRODUCT list, and you are welcome to contact us at 1300 768 428 to discuss your options and costs for legal testing.

Legal Application Form

This test can be ordered as either non-legal or legal. Please call us at 1300 768 420 to discuss your options to determine if this test is appropriate for the donor's needs.

Download: Legal Application for Kinship Testing

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