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Paternity test

DNA Bioservices offers you Peace of Mind in determining the paternity of a child.

This quick and simple paternity test saves money, time and can alleviate the emotional turmoil and stress within relationships and family units.

After just 5-10 business days, all your questions can be answered. Remember: The court process can be potentially expensive and lengthy.

DCC tests a minimum of 20 genetic locations and independently runs every exclusion twice to ensure that your results are unquestionably 99.999% accurate.

Whether an individual would simply like to resolve his or her doubts regarding paternity, or take a step further and resolve legal issues such as child support, custody of children, or adoption, a Paternity Test can potentially be the means of helping an individual to avoid unnecessary child support payments and years of emotional heartache.

How do I order a Paternity Test?

  • Step 1: Order your DNA Collection Kit from our secure order page

  • Step 2: Take your samples in the privacy of your home

  • Step 3: Place samples in supplied swab envelopes

  • Step 4: Complete your application form

  • Step 5: Return completed kit in the reply paid envelope

  • Step 6: Testing takes 5 to 10 business days

  • Step 7: Report sent

How to purchase this product

You can purchase this product by clicking the above link. Alternatively you can order this product over the phone via 1300 768 428 or filling out our contact form. You can also contact us direct via our email address.


I feel so much relief

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Australia Wide

DNA tests delivered to your door or collected from one of our 5 distribution centres around Australia.

zipPay support

DNA Bioservices now support zipPay payments. zipPay is a safe, simple and 100% interest-free payment solution powered by zipMoney Payments. A maximum of $1000 can be borrowed.

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