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Paternity Test


Paternity Test

DNA Bioservices offers you Peace of Mind in determining the paternity and DNA profile of a child.

These quick and simple home paternity tests save money and time and alleviate emotional turmoil and stress within relationships and family units.

After just 5-10 business days of the laboratory receiving the samples, the results you receive will hopefully provide you with the peace of mind you seek. Remember: The court process can be potentially expensive and lengthy.

DDC tests a minimum of 20 genetic locations and independently runs every test twice to ensure that your results are unquestionably 99.999% accurate.

A DNA Paternity Test can potentially be the means of helping an individual avoid unnecessary child support payments and years of emotional heartache whether an individual would like to resolve their doubts regarding paternity or take a step further and resolve legal issues such as child support, custody of children, or adoption. 

DNA Results Tested Twice

Our test is the most accurate in the World, and our laboratory is the only laboratory to test ALL samples twice to ensure accuracy. We understand how important it is for you to have results that leave you with no lingering doubts. With DNA Bioservices home DNA paternity test, you will have the answer you need and security knowing you have conducted your test at the most accredited DNA  laboratory in the World and the only laboratory to have a track record of 100% accurate results.

Results will usually show one of two possibilities; if the alleged, tested father is the child's biological father or children tested, our results will show a probability of 99.99% or higher. If the tested alleged father is not the biological father, our results will show a 0% probability of paternity. In other words, he will be excluded entirely as the Father of the child tested. It is extremely rare for a paternity result to be inconclusive. This means that the Scientists cannot support or refute the relationship test from the DNA evidence provided and, in this case, you will not obtain a result from your test. We have only seen one inconclusive result since DNA Bioservices was established. Although an accuracy above 99.99% can be achieved from a Father and child test only, if you support your test with the samples from the Mother (at no additional cost), this will increase the overall accuracy of the test results. We also offer noninvasive prenatal tests.

Ideally, if two alleged fathers are blood-related, both alleged fathers and the child’s mother should be tested. Still, if one alleged father is not available for testing, extended testing (testing further DNA regions) is recommended. There is a further charge for this additional service, and you MUST alert our staff if this is the situation as a standard paternity test assumes that no one related to the alleged Father could be the Father of the child.

DNA Bioservices Home Paternity Test is AUD 295.

Super-Fast DNA Results

We will work swiftly to ensure we provide you with your paternity test results in just 5-10 working days from the moment we get your samples. Clients can upgrade to our express service, even after receiving their kit or when our office has received samples before testing has commenced. If you wish to tighten turnaround times even further, we suggest sending off your samples using a courier service or Express Post.

Nationwide Offices

We have made our sample collection as simple for you as possible for those of you who prefer not to pay upfront for your paternity test in Australia via our order page. With DNA Bioservices distribution centres in every major Australian city, you can easily and quickly pick up a DNA Testing kit for a small fee. This fee is then deducted from the total amount payable for the test type you have ordered. You have the convenience of paying the outstanding amount when you are ready to return the samples to our head office in South Australia. Our helpline is open 24/7 to offer one on one help.

The thought of carrying out a home test may have sounded daunting – but with DNA Bioservices, it's simple and fast. Once you make your payment to DNA Bioservices via our order page, we will promptly send out your home sample collection kit.

Our DNA testing kits provide everything you need to collect the samples:

Sterile mouth swabs and swab envelopes, instructions, consent forms and a pre-addressed envelope to return your samples. Our laboratory has carried the most tests globally   – We can guarantee our experience and professionalism throughout your DNA journey.

Flexible Services

Do you have an issue because of test participants living in different parts of Australia or perhaps different parts of the world? Just tell us where the test participants are based and provide us with an address – we will organise the rest for you.

Nationally Accredited

Our laboratory has the most endorsements from accreditation bodies worldwide, and they are the ONLY laboratory that tests ALL samples twice to ensure 100% accuracy and rule out any human error.

Quality Customer Service

Highly praised by clients over the years for our personalised and bespoke service and attention to detail.

How do I order a Paternity Test?

Step 1: Order your DNA Paternity Collection Kit from our secure order page or call us today at 1300 768 428

Step 2: Take your samples in the privacy of your own home

Step 3: Place samples in supplied swab envelopes

Step 4: Complete your application form

Step 5: Return completed kit in the reply-paid envelope

Step 6: Testing takes 5 to 10 business days

Step 7: Report is usually sent by email and, if required, by postal service or just privately over the phone if a hardcopy of your results is not required at that time

How to purchase this product

You can purchase this product by clicking the above link. Alternatively you can order this product over the phone via 1300 768 428 or filling out our contact form. You can also contact us direct via our email address.


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Thanks again for being such a lovely voice at the other end of the phone. You have a gift for knowing just what to say in these difficult situations and it has been very much appreciated.

Marion from VIC

Australia Wide

DNA tests delivered to your door or collected from one of our 5 distribution centres around Australia.

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