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DNA Bioservices would like to thank our generous customers for their ready willingness to provide feedback about the service they have received. Their personal experiences are compelling, and in many cases, amazing! What they have shared presents this rather difficult scientific topic in an interesting and informative light. It has been very gratifying to read the accounts, and we are extremely happy to have given so many people "peace of mind" through our service. We regret not being able to use all the testimonials, personal experiences and true stories we've received.

Note: In some instances, names have been changed, and complete anonymity has been granted to those persons who asked not to be identified.

Good working with you ...

We have kept your company name on record for future legal paternity tests. It was good working with you.

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Thank you for taking the time to call me

This morning to verbally give me the great news



Thank you for working so incredibly hard and on a Sunday.

I cannot tell you how relieved I am about these results, and also to have a clear path and direction.

Your time, guidance and help throughout this I am immensely grateful for, and in fact beyond words. Georgie, you made a very challenging time manageable and I am so appreciative to you and everything you did. Thank you so incredibly much again, and for such a fast turnaround time.



Thanks so much Georgie

And for all your help along the way. I honestly can't thank you enough. You were so kind and non-judgemental, always there to answer my questions even though i was a complete mess.



Just want to say a big thank you

for your sincere assistance with my case. Your service has been outstanding and I am very grateful. 



From an overseas client ...

I greatly appreciate your efforts throughout the process, particularly regarding the logistics. It's a very important service you provide.

Peter Burton