DNA Testing - How it works

Ever wondered how DNA testing works? 

Only a few decades ago DNA testing was an unimaginable concept that exceeded the capabilities of technology.

fast forward to today it is widely available to anyone who is interested in learning more about their genetics.
At DNA Bioservices we conduct a range of genetic tests that reveal information about food sensitivity, skincare, healthy weight testing, paternity tests, and more. By simply sending us a swab we can determine your results and help you understand more about your DNA.

But how does DNA testing actually work?

If you are interested in learning more, then you may want to consider trying an at-home collection kit. By simply taking a swab, you can decipher unanswered genetic questions that may help you make better lifestyle choices, connect family ties or improve your overall wellbeing.

DNA Bioservices works in partnership with DNA Diagnostic Centre (DDC) which is the largest accredited testing laboratory in the world. DDC analyses the nucleotides within a sample in order to draw meaningful results. Nucleotides make up all DNA molecules and are labeled as A, T, G & C. A sample will show these letters in an arranged order which will differ from person to person. This is known as a genetic sequence. DDC will compare thousands of nucleotides within a genetic sequence to find results within a targeted region. These results are then compared to a reference sequence. This allows DDC to deliver results about things like paternal lineage, sibling connections, or potential food allergies. 

How to get tested with DNA Bioservices?

You have now learned that DNA testing can tell you a lot about your DNA with just a small sample. But what happens behind the scenes to get such incredible insights? 
It all begins with a DNA Collection Kit

The best way to get started is to purchase a DNA collection kit from our website. The DNA kit includes an application form and instruction sheet, mouth swabs, swab envelopes and a reply-paid envelope so samples can be promptly returned to our SA office. 

DNA collection kits can also be picked up from our city Distribution Centre’s if you do not want to have a package sent to your home. Inquiries can be made through our helpline 1300 768 428.

Taking your DNA sample and submitting it.

To expedite the delivery of your DNA collection kit we would recommend you opt for the Express Post service. Once you receive your kit, you must follow the instructions carefully. 

Simply rub the swab gently but firmly on the inside lining of the donor’s cheeks to collect the DNA sample. The benefits of these kits are that you can collect the DNA samples in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Return your swabs in the post and our lab will begin the DNA analysis. This process can take up to 5-10 business days, after which we will send you your confidential results via mail or email. 

If you need assistance reading your results, do not hesitate to contact DNA Bioservices at 1300 768 428 at any time.

Things you need to know about DNA Bioservices

Since 2005, DNA Bioservices has been an Australian-owned and operated DNA testing company, working in collaboration with DDC (DNA Diagnostics Centre). 

We are a customer-focused company that strives to give the best level of service from the moment you order your DNA collection kit to the moment you receive your results. 

DNA Bioservices has worked in a range of industries including law firms, the Department for Child Protection, Legal Aid, the Immigration Department, and more. At DNA Bioservices we will analyze a minimum of 20 genetic markers with an accuracy rate of greater than 99.9 percent.

You can have your DNA collection kit delivered or picked up in person at one of our 4 national distribution centers across Australia, or alternatively, you may phone us directly. We are happy to answer any questions to ensure you feel supported through the process. 

We recognize that this can be a life-changing report, so we've put together an aftercare network of professional organizations that can provide support and direction to all members of the family who need it. 

If you are interested in exploring our range of services, be sure to explore our website. It is full of helpful information that will get you on the right path. 

Written by Gary Miller

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