Grand-parentage DNA testing


The DNA Bioservices Grand-Parentage testing is designed for definitive answers when trying to establish a relationship between an individual and an alleged grand-parent. Our simple collection kit is fast and easy.

There are two different types of Grand-Parentage testing.

Single Grand-parentage DNA Analysis:

  • This DNA test includes ONE grandparent, one grandchild, and parent (optional, but strongly suggested). The conclusive range for DNA results are either >90% (inclusion) or <15% (exclusion) probabilities.
  • However, results may vary between 1% and 99% accuracy.

Duo Grand-parentage DNA Analysis:

  • This DNA test includes BOTH grandparents, one child, and parent optional, but strongly suggested.
  • For the most accurate results in a grand-parentage analysis it is best to include both the alleged grandparents and the child.
  • When both alleged grandparents are included the DNA results are guaranteed to indicate either >99% (inclusion) or 0% (exclusion) probability of Grand-parentage relationship
  • Grand-Parentage Testing is for clients who want to determine parentage when an alleged father is unavailable and no post mortem sample is available.
  • Samples can be used from grandparents to reconstruct the alleged father's DNA pattern

Legal Application Form

This test can be ordered as a non-legal or legal test. Please call us on 1300 768 428 to discuss your options so we can then quality if this test is suitable for the donor's needs.