NATA Legal Paternity Test


DNA Bioservices provides their private clients, General Practitioners, Australian Professional Family Law firms, government authorities such as Legal Aid, the Immigration Department, and the Department for Child Protection with the opportunity to order Court Approved DNA Paternity Tests DIRECT at the lowest prices.

DNA Bioservices is an organisation with unrivalled customer service and who is proudly in partnership with the largest NATA accredited laboratory.

If you need a legal paternity test for any reason, DNA Bioservices can help. Many clients use our legal paternity test results to settle matters of family law, such as child support, custody, and visitation disputes. A NATA approved legal paternity DNA test can also resolve inheritance disputes and satisfy immigration requirements where DNA evidence is needed for identification.

Our legal paternity test follows a strict chain of custody to ensure the results are legally defensible in a court of law.

The chain of custody ensures:

  • The tested parties were appropriately identified in the presence of a Justice of the Peace/Lawyer or equivalent.
  • Identities are officially verified under Affidavit on the SAME day as their sample collection.
  • The samples are collected in accordance with the Australian Family Law Act Regulations 1975 and NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) by a neutral third party, such as a Doctor, Nurse or DNA Bioservices fully trained Mobile Technician.
  • The DNA mouth swab samples, official declaration forms and copies of the donor’s identification are sealed in a tamper evident bag at the collection site (in the presence of the donors) and posted immediately to the laboratory team where they review the paperwork and samples against the Family Law Act Regulations and NATA guidelines. 
  • Unlike any other company, we proudly offer ALL our clients a personalised and bespoke approach throughout the process, from the day they engage our services to the day they receive their results. We are at hand to answer any questions or concerns customers may have at any time. DNA Bioservices are known for their unrivalled customer service and attention to detail.

For this reason, DNA Bioservices is proudly the preferred Provider for the Department for Child Protection and Family Support and many of their agencies in WA, SA, VIC and NSW and are also the number one choice of family law firms and Migration Agents across Australia.

DNA Bioservices is the ONLY Australian DNA testing company who can offer the following DNA mouth swab sample collection locations across Australia at a convenient time that suits all concerned:

  • Prisons and other facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Home visits
  • Office visits such as the Department for Child Protection
  • Child Carer Centres
  • Pathology Centres – we locate the most appropriate clinic on your behalf that suits you and in your chosen location

For a legal paternity test to have validity as proof of relationship in legal cases and immigration cases, it must be performed by a NATA and ISO17025 accredited laboratory.

Please refer to our ‘About Us’ link for instruction videos on how to complete the Australian official declaration forms, Affidavit Form 2 (identification and consent form) and Collection Form 4. These have proven to be most helpful to not only our clients but to JP’s and Collectors who are not familiar with these forms and so need some guidance on how to complete the forms correctly.

Legal Paternity Test Process guide

We will always ensure that you are kept informed and updated at all times throughout the testing process and will endeavour to deliver the results of your test promptly and without any unnecessary delays. You simply order the test today and we do the rest.

STEP 1: You are welcome to call us on 1300 768 428 at any time to discuss your case before you place your order.

STEP 2: We will arrange to send you an application form to complete and return with the details of all donors and acting Lawyers (if appointed) involved in the case. You may prefer to download the application forms today and once completed, simply scan or return to our Adelaide address.

STEP 3: Once payment is arranged, we will promptly organise appointments for our customers to attend a location close to where they live for their DNA collection. Their appointment could be arranged at a GP surgery or pathology department, at home or at a facility. This will depend on their personal circumstances and how this part of the process suits their own particular needs.

STEP 4: We will send confirmation letters to all Donors and specific instructions on what is required. This will include an Affidavit Form 2 for the clients to take with them to a local Justice of the Peace or Lawyer to complete on the SAME DAY as their arranged DNA collection. Each donor will require two passport size photographs. One photograph is affixed to the affidavit and the second photograph is taken with them to their DNA collection appointment.

STEP 5: Our DNA collection kit will already be with the clinic in preparation for the scheduled appointment. Once the donor's samples have been collected by a trained member of staff, normally via a mouth swab, in accordance with NATA regulations and the Family Law Act, these will be returned to us with their official completed Affidavit Form 2 and Collection Form 4, by Australian Air Express.

STEP 6: The analysis process takes 10 business days. The official signed Reports are usually sent to all Donors and on request to third parties involved in the case such as acting lawyers or Government Department.

Results by phone can only be given by a trained member of staff and only when the call has been qualified by answering specific client security questions. Reports are only emailed to your acting law firm or government department representative and posted by Registered Post or Express Post directly to the Donors.