Y Chromosome DNA testing


Y Chromosome DNA Test - Testing alleged MALE relatives to see if they share the same paternal lineage.

A Father's Y chromosome is passed down to his sons. This means that his sons will also have the exact same Y chromosome. If their Y chromosome was different, they would not share the same father. When organising this test you have to consider that two men with the same Y may not be brothers, they could be an Uncle and nephew or perhaps cousins. The Y chromosome test identifies if they share the same male ancestors or male lineage of the family.

So why would you order a Y chromosome test?

When the alleged father is not available for testing and the alleged relatives who want to be tested are male donors (women do not carry the Y chromosome).

Consider ordering this if any of below relates to you

  • Two brothers who want to know if they share the same biological father but there father is not available for testing.
  • A brother of the alleged father is available for testing and wants to know if he is related to the child donors.
  • You may be researching your family history and would like to firstly establish if two male donors are related.
  • The paternal grandfather would like to know if he is related to his grandson when the child's alleged father is not available for testing.

Please call one of our helpful Consultants before ordering your DNA collection kit. This will assist you in making your decision and confirming if this is the right test that will best suit your needs.

Legal Application Form

This test can be ordered as a non-legal or legal test. Please call us on 1300 768 420 to discuss your options so we can then quality if this test is suitable for the donor's needs.

Download: Legal Application for Kinship Testing